Liam is a good communicator. He makes sure I understand risks, alternative investments and gives me different options. Even during financial downturns I have been happy with the returns I have received. J.L.

Thank you so much for your continued help and support throughout 2012.  Your service continues to be friendly, personal and inspire confidence. You are a safe pair hands in a fiscal world that changes and challenges continually. All the very best for 2013! A.S.

I first met Liam Starley in January 2006 when my retiring financial advisor brought Liam to see me. Before he was an open, polite, friendly & willing to listen sort of a guy. Over the years he has kept those qualities & added loyalty & trust to them. He still has a very good listening ear & acts in my best interest, giving good advice on whatever suits my needs at the time. He always seems happy to explain things in words that a 77 year old widow can grasp! It is always a pleasure to see him & I would, and do, recommend Liam to anyone for his financial advice which he gives in a professional and friendly way, with understanding to each individual and their particular needs and wants. J.Y.

I have known Liam since 2005 when he took over from my previous financial advisor who retired. He has visited me in person two to three times a year to discuss my investments face to face, and keeps in contact between times by phone or letter. I have been very pleased with his advice and the way my investments have performed. We have become good friends over the years. S.M.

We have been most impressed by Liam Starley's professionalism and friendliness in handling our account. He is always prepared to put matters in layman's terms and is ready with advice - a reassuringly straightforward and sound guide. We are delighted with the products he has recommended. S.G. & J.G.

We have been clients of Liam Starley of Stiles & Co. Financial Services, Petersfield since he established the company in 2005 taking over from Stobbs Hedges. Before that we were clients of Stobbs Hedges for many years. When Liam assumed responsibility for our investments, we had a detailed discussion outlining our requirements in terms of reward and risk. Liam has continued to manage our investments through both good and very bad times and has managed to minimise the down side and we are now looking at a sustained recovery. We have always found Liam very approachable and understanding of what we are trying to achieve and highly professional. H.N. & V.N.

Liam Starley of Stiles & Company has been my Financial Adviser for the past eight years.  During this time I have always found him to be very efficient in his business dealings keeping abreast with modern technology, whilst at the same time being extremely courteous and helpful to me.  I would highly recommend his company. M.H.

I met with Liam Starley of Stiles & Company Financial Services (Petersfield) Limited in May 2013 to discuss my retirement options in respect of an existing personal pension plan. I am extremely glad that I did since the range of choice available and the huge number of variations involved in selecting an annuity, which is the avenue I eventually chose to go down, was mind boggling to start with. However, Liam explained all of the options in a clear & precise manner helping me to make an informed decision in respect of the extremely important matter of maximising my pension income in retirement, especially since without his guidance it would have been very easy to make a poor decision based on a layman’s knowledge of pension matters. Without Liam’s valued guidance it certainly would have been a case of acting in haste & repenting at leisure. Therefore, I would definitely recommend his exceptionally professional services to all. W.K.

I have known Liam for a number of years and have always found him to be extremely professional, supportive and an excellent communicator. His advice is helpful and pragmatic and is always sympathetic to changing personal circumstances. Overall, an excellent Financial Advisor who I would highly recommend. C.E.

I have been using Liam’s services for both my pension and long term investments for almost 6 years now. As a 40-something single professional with a diverse career history, I first came to Liam with a rather patchy set of pension arrangements – both former company pension and private pension plans I had funded over the years – as well as investment decisions to be made further to the sale of my property. He originally assessed both my personal circumstances and attitude to risk as well as my long term plans to come up with recommendations in order to maximise return potential – in some cases that involved leaving things well alone, in others moving and/or consolidating funds with various providers. I find Liam is very diligent in reminding me to re-assess my investments on a regular basis – and in pestering me (rightly!) to make additional contributions into my pension plan whenever possible. He is also excellent at explaining things in layman’s term in an industry where the financial jargon, investment options and the complexity of regulations are quite simply baffling. He applies the same clarity when it comes to his fees, although to be honest I have not really researched how they compare with other financial advisors in the area – I guess it is a case of I am satisfied I am getting good value for money for a service which I consider to be of an excellent standard. Finally, I have confidence in Liam’s expertise as it is quite clear he keeps abreast of both financial legislation and industry trends – I would hate to think what his bedside reading material is like! He is both very professional and personable and I can only recommend his services to anyone seeking sound financial advice. H.W.

Our adviser understands our situation well as he also has a growing family and all that that entails. Liam has either been directly at the other end of the phone or has called back with little or no delay. Liam has listened to what we have asked about and either understood exactly what we were asking or asked us questions to assist him in formulating a practical solution. Where significant changes to our portfolio structure are warranted Liam has managed to give early notice and interpreted the jargon for us. Liam also keeps us regularly posted on general matters affecting our portfolio. A.N.

Liam Starley has personally managed my investments for the last eight years. Even though this has been a difficult timeframe for the financial sector, my investments are still strong. There is a diverse portfolio, ranging from multifund investments, ISA's, lifetime care cover, and a trust fund for my grandchildren. I am kept up-to-date with the latest investment conditions /strategies, risk assessment and receive regular briefings on the status of my accounts. Obviously during the 8 years, changes have been made and these were discussed beforehand and conducted at the appropriate times with smooth hassle-free action. All in all a good service from a professional advisor. J.L.

We have known and invested through Liam over the past twelve years. Our business relationship began with my company pensions which were poorly invested and Liam suggested that they be moved. This was followed by a couple of inheritances. Liam guided us through the process, explaining clearly the progress at every step as well as the possible effect on income tax. Over the years the investments have grown steadily through the good and bad financial periods. Liam consults us at each stage, our attitude to risk sought and the costs incurred carefully explained in clear terms. We feel that we have a good spread of investments, both long and short term, making the most of ISA's as well as other funds. This suits our needs perfectly. The financial side apart, we have always found Liam to be 'up front' with us and happy to explain to us what may be simple to an expert, but to a layman is a labyrinth leading to the ogre that eats up all your carefully made plans for retirement. We hear so many sad stories of dashed hopes of a comfortable old age. We are very happy with Liam, he inspires confidence and we have no hesitation in recommending Stiles and Co. We feel sufficiently comfortable with the advice and investments that Liam has made to recommend him to others - always a risky path to tread but we have had nothing but positive thoughts. J.B. & M.B.

My husband and I have been using Liam's services as our sole personal financial advisor for 8 years and have been pleased with his attentive and personal service. F.C. & S.C.

Liam has always given a very personal service and balanced advice for both myself and my elderly parents. In particular we needed to fund their care which became very expensive, but Liam made this possible by very sound, honest financial planning for which we were eternally grateful, as it meant they could stay in their own home. I would not hesitate in recommending him as an IFA. Since their death, Liam has been a great support in the handling of their estate as well as advising on future inheritance tax issues and in helping sort out the family trust fund. R.B.

I approached Liam Starley at Stiles & Co with regards to financial advice on the recommendation of some friends who had used him for several years. I have not been disappointed; Liam took time to discuss my particular requirements with me and then explore what options were available. He inspires confidence that he actually cares about the advice he gives. His fee for transferring my pension was less than I expected (and remained the same as quoted despite some unforeseen difficulties in my existing scheme resulting in a number of phone calls to him) and the annual review charges are very reasonable at about half of what I was paying to my previous IFA. I have no hesitation in recommending Liam’s services. A.H.

I retired at 59 and contacted Liam on the advice of a work colleague. I was concerned about my future finances: I'd retired early, the markets were volatile and I didn't trust annuities. Liam was very good at explaining the options plus the risks and didn't try to "talk up" anything. He's knowledgeable and measured and his manner inspires confidence. A.R.

Mr Liam Starley has been my financial advisor for the past 7 years and I have always found the advise he has given me over that period of time to be extremely helpful. He has discussed thoroughly a number of options on financial matters ranging from pensions to investments. He has always been very professional in his dealings with me and I have complete trust in the recommendations that he has made over the years. I have been more than satisfied with the promptness of his replies when I have queried things on the odd occasion. He has always made himself available either by phone or face to face, plus his friendly and knowledgeable nature makes the complicated financial minefield much easier to navigate. M.O.

I have known Liam Starley of Stiles & Company Financial Services (Petersfield) Limited for a number of years and have been pleased to return to him for advice and guidance on a number of personal and commercial matters. Liam Starley has the ability to translate financial jargon into normal language, so that even the most complex scenarios become straightforward. I look for someone who is responsive, practical and efficient and that is why I have felt very comfortable providing repeat business. R.P.

I have known Liam Starley both personally as a client of his practice and he as a client of my accountancy practice. I find him a pleasure to work with because he listens and doesn't allow preconceived notions to drive his advice. He has a pleasant demeanour which encourages a meaningful exchange of ideas, suggestions and solutions. A.T.

Liam was very helpful to me after I had a bad experience with a different IFA. I believe he helped me rescue my pension from the brink of an unregulated abyss! G.B.

Having used the Vouched for service and set up a meeting with Liam Starley of Stiles & Company to review my pension arrangements I was pleasantly surprised at the quick response to my initial enquiry. I was further impressed with the level of detail and options that Liam was able to produce for my future planning. He takes care to discuss the options and any potential benefits or downfalls without overloading you with financial details that you might not understand. K.K.

Liam has been our financial adviser for some time now and has helped my husband and I both with our business and personal finances. He explains things in a very clear and calm manner and never minds if you don't understand it first time!! Nothing is too much trouble and he always comes back to us with an answer when he says he is going to. I would highly recommend his services to anyone. C.D.

Liam combines a high degree of professionalism and effiency with a friendly, relaxed approach. I have not been with Liam long but nevertheless feel confident that he will continue to provide his expertise and committed support as my retirement looms over the horizon and I have many important financial decisions to make. N.C.

I had recently changed my job and needed to start a personal pension. Liam gave clear advice, outlined the options, recommended a new provider and handled all the administration of starting a new plan and consolidating existing plans. I am extremely happy with the outcome. B.W.

Required advice in respect of consolidating various pension plans and Liam provided expert advice on all aspects of my financial affairs. P.B.

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