We are a local firm of Independent Financial Advisers, covering Hampshire, Surrey and Sussex.

Our success is based on building strong, lasting relationships with our clients through a friendly, personalised and professional service (Chartered Financial Planner). Acting with integrity in everything we do, helping clients in making life’s big financial decisions, to provide them with peace of mind at every stage.

We provide genuinely independent Wealth Management and Financial Planning services, specialising in Investment Advice, Pension Reviews (including providing advice on Defined Benefit (DB)/Final Salary pension transfers & Commercial Property SIPPs), Investment/Pension Portfolio Management, Options at Retirement, Estate Preservation (Inheritance Tax Planning), Trusts and Funding Solutions for Long-Term Care.

Being independent means, we can provide impartial and unbiased advice that you can trust, assessing the whole marketplace to find you the most beneficial and cost-effective solution.

The best interests of our clients are at the heart of everything we do and our main focus is to help them in achieving their financial ambitions both now and in the future.

Your local connection to the global financial world.



We are thrilled to announce that Stiles & Company Financial Services (Petersfield) has been awarded the Gold Standard for Pension Transfer Advice and is following best practice on Defined Benefit Pension transfers.



   There are 7 Key Components: –

  1. Asset allocation – The overwhelming factor in determining investment performance
  2. Rebalancing – Keeping a portfolio’s risk and return profile on course
  3. Lowering costs – The one factor guaranteed to improve returns
  4. Behavioural coaching – Avoid the costly mistakes of giving in to fear and greed
  5. Tax allowances – Tax-efficiency is key to getting the best results
  6. Spending strategy – Crucial to maintaining the value of a portfolio in retirement
  7. Total return versus income – Making the most of a portfolio for both income and capital



DO Understand What Is (Un)Important And (Un)Knowable

When people aren’t fully aligned to their financial goals, they often fall into the trap of short-term forecasting. What will the central banks do next? Will we encounter a recession following Brexit? At what point will Donald Trump be ousted from politics? Macro forecasting of this kind is often fraught with danger – not due to motivation or intention, but rather due to ability and implementation. By trying to become an instant expert in the unpredictable, humans are prone to making errors.

For this reason, we spend a significant amount of time considering what is important/unimportant and what is knowable/unknowable. When investing, we are dealing with uncertainty, and frankly, a lot of what we deal with is predictably unpredictable. We therefore want to focus on the important
knowables, while trying to protect against the important unknowables and ignoring the unimportant.

If an investor thinks about the markets under this framework, they are far more likely to remain humble in euphoria and steadfast in panic. It builds a tolerance for short-term market swings and redirects the human brain to the things that are important and knowable.



Personal Finance Society members who have obtained qualified status are now able to display their commitment to professional standards through a dedicated Qualified member logo. 

The Personal Finance Society is committed to its purpose of building public trust in the profession. The Qualified member logo allows members to effectively demonstrate their knowledge and expertise.

Independent Financial Adviser/Advisor – Chartered Financial Planner – Based in Petersfield – Covering Hampshire, Surrey & Sussex



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